Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sculptural Interlude

As it happened, during another gig as a participating artist (which I'll post about tomorrow) I took a break in between sessions and toured the facilities at the SERC Institute (Schoodic Education & Research Center). There is an annual artist in residency program hosted by SERC called the International Sculpture Symposium, which fosters the opportunity for artists to create works using local granite, and the ensuing pieces are scattered about the Acadian community. In 2007 Swedish sculptor Ian Newbery made this piece - "Tribute To Life" - which is located smack-dab in front of the main building for the Institute. Especially given the recent hoopla over the sculpture fiasco in Wasilla, Alaska, this particular piece just made my freakin' day. Maybe it was in part due to the background noise of crashing surf, but there's something about enormous stone spermatozoa that is tremendously inspiring and empowering, even for those of us with vasectomies. Create Art... Create Life!


  1. We're you implying a conjugal visit between the Wasilla and SERC sculpures?