Thursday, February 16, 2012

Petit Manan

Uploaded a few more images to the Picasa album: Bird-Dog and I trekked up along the coast of the Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge today, which is situated a couple-hours drive north of Mount Desert Island. Started out cold, dreary and grey but after a few hours the weather cleared up quite nicely, and it was the first time I experienced a windless, flat coastal hike. We spent a lot of time sitting mentally becalmed on driftwood logs, or aimlessly poking about the shoreline detritus, where a depressing volume of litter was washed up. Besides a solitary fishing boat and the constant hooting of the (now) automated lighthouse there wasn't any other sign of people, just some porcupine tracks in the snow. After eventually rejoining the trail, there was one particularly interesting perspective in lining up an outcropping ledge just offshore with a tidal pool, overcast with a great cloud pattern. From cobblestones to mudflat ripples to weatherworn pine, endless textures kept drawing my eye. The monumental views of Maine might command all the commercial attention with its epic vistas and cliched stock images, but these subtle moments and often-overlooked details are what I'll miss the most.

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