Monday, January 9, 2012

"Shacking Up"

So far, so good: some more results on successfully hybridizing Alaskana with Down Easterly material. That is, until the ice went out after drawing this panel and it got mothballed until this season. So now it's funny, or at least seasoned with age, not unlike some cartoonists. Actually a call went out from a local editor for more winter-themed material, but as of yet there's only been one snowfall in this neck of the woods, with even that paltry accumulation withering away under rain and temps in the 40's (no complaints). So much for the muse, or at least on wearing a parka for inspiration.
One of the regional peculiarities that stuck out to me upon arrival here was driving around the island and peeking out over all the views of little pockets of icy inlets, lakes and ponds. You can see the shanty-towns of little ice-fishing shacks set up like outdoorsy crack-houses which dot the area. Which always makes me wonder just how many of these are littering about underneath at the bottom of the water.
The original panel underwent a slight caption edit: nothing terribly vulgar, but enough of a speed bump to tuck under the fold... reminds me of this interesting perspective on the debate of adding of iffy words.


  1. There are heavy fines and penalties for leaving such detritus as your bobhouse or your snow machine on the bottom of lakes and coves hereabouts. Retrievals constitute a small but steady portion of income for many divers.

  2. I'd so love to poke around under the surface of all the bodies of water that I've been staring at all this time. Another world!