Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Signs of (Pre)Occupation

As to the topic of the thesis and a sign of preoccupation, a big one would be not knowing exactly how long you've been standing in an elevator with the doors closed with an open book and pen and paper in hand in the library where you've been hammering away for eight straight hours on yet another research & revision expedition and the doors open up and somebody else walks in and then you finally clue into the fact you never actually did push any buttons so you're still on the same damn floor as before.
As one of my thesis committee members noted in the margin of said paper with his suggested revisions: Argh! (which is not a good sign in itself).
So I biked a couple extra miles afterward to the grocery store, only to discover I wasn't wearing my normal backpack, and so hadn't the usual room for stuff, so priorities won out and I wound up getting the only really important items that fit: food toiletries coffee and half & half.
The perfect topper was coming back to the house, and then, yeah, what up roomies:

"Happy Chickaween from Los Gatos"

It's in the single digits now back home in Fairbanks, forecast to get sub-zero temps tonite... and as I told my dad on the phone "fuck that shit." Still in the sweaty seventies here - one more week left in Savannah and sure, I'm flaming out, but wallowing for all it's worth. More big doings coming up on the calendar of events, and final projects ramping up along with the rewrites. Update: as of 1am... 
All committee members on board to sign off on the official cover sheet tomorrow, er, later today, then filing all the appropriate paperwork with the right people. Twenty-seven pages in the main body of text, fifty cited works in the bibliography, forty pages with all the miscellaneous stuff, and sixty-one including the visual component (more on all that plus more details in an upcoming post). Only thing missing is a scratch & sniff cover, something like an old beaver pelt... which'll be me if I don't hit the sack.

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  1. Yes, you're in that 'just get it done' stage, where your counting pages and footnotes instead of telling of all the brilliant insights.