Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Please, Please, Please"

Lyrics adopted from the James Brown 1956 song "Please, Please, Please," which, while not  necessarily being a particularly subtle tune, recasting it serves as a simple commentary on the sad state of affairs facing the other denizens of our planet. Hat-tip to John Platt's blog, "Extinction Countdown." And while you're at it, buy some condoms.

There ain't much in the way of progressive activism in music out there championing this issue (notable exception in Megadeth's "Countdown to Extinction"), but one of my back-burner projects is adapting the classic Genesis tune "Squonk" as it definitely resonates with the sentiment:

"In season, out of season
What's the difference when you don't know the reason."
- Banks/Rutherford


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. I do believe this is my favorite so far.
    We still miss you terribly,
    The Rogers Family

  3. Right back atcha: given both our travels I'm sure our paths'll cross sooner than later...