Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Beaver Run"

One of the benefits of moving out from the city of Savannah and into the surrounding countryside was easy access to the many local bluegrass festivals that took place all the time. There are a regularly scheduled series of weekend festivals that would happen all across the South, on Thursday/Friday/Saturdays - not much happens on Sundays in that neck of the woods, and the events are all family-friendly, with no alcohol allowed (although I eventually clued in on exactly what was in those oversized thermos mugs carried by many an older gentlemen). A few savvy farmers have realized the economic incentive behind leveling a section of their fields, putting in some septic tanks and erecting a stage to host the many bands making the rounds. These gigs take place largely across a network of venues that were particularly convenient to caravans of retirees in their motorhomes. 
My favorite was at Beaver Run (hosted by the Lonesome Whistle Band) that happened twice a year about a half-hour drive away from my home at the time in Eden, GA. I would take along the Honer 5-string and camp out for a couple days, while lotsa folks took pictures of the pickup with Alaska license plate parked out by the edge of the cotton field.

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