Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome to Tok (Wait, What?)

Here's a random blast from the past: sometime way back in my Cheechako days I must have done some artwork for somebody... and it's now mutated evolved into something that is still clearly my original design, and based on my characters, but is somewhat stylistically different. Weird.
I serendipitously caught it from a Facebook post by a friend who took the above snapshot while in Tok, Alaska, who reported that the sign is located between the Visitor Center and the Trooper/DMV Office (hat-tip to Holly!). So on a whim I searched Google Images and found even more examples, including what appears to be the first incarnation below. I daresay the version above looks better than anything I could do - good job by whoever painted it!

(And no, that's not a Jackalope, it's an Alaskan Hare-aboo)

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