Thursday, September 1, 2011

Take Notes

When a crowd of people are all pointing at you & laughing, that’s a sign it’s maybe a good idea to turn around…

… for lunch while on duty in the Park I took a couple bites of a tasty sammich, put it back in the Tupperware box, and then back inside my backpack, turned around and saw folks were looking, pointing & laughing behind me for some reason – that’s when the seagull flew by carrying my ham & cheese.
Ranger 0/Wildlife 1

"No, really... anywhere's fine..."

Then on the ferry ride home from work tonite everybody on the boat was too busy talking to notice the big, beautiful Harbor seal bobbing along right next to us. And again when a spectacular Osprey flew by us, carrying a huge fish that was so heavy it was skimming the water. 

An extra bonus in that for three weeks running now, every Wednesday I show up for my shift at the Sieur de Monts Nature Center, and harvest delicious blackberries from a bush growing right next to the side door that hundreds of people troop past every day. 

It’s noticing all the little things most people miss out on while they’re all too damn busy being on vacation. People always ask "where do you get your ideas" - you don't "get" them anywhere: you just take notes.

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