Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweating It Out

The biggest issue I had/have with the entire South was the pervasive, omnipresent heat (update: still do, what with temperatures reaching into the 90's this whole week back, forecast for the 80's this week). Coupled with oppressive humidity it frequently made life almost unbearable for this sweaty barbarian from the Hinterland, a case in point being hearing folks complain about how it's been getting cold at night with temperatures plummeting all the way down to the mid-60's. Yikes.
Also there were regular monsoons that drench Savannah (even some of the streets are slightly bowed so as to facilitate the flash-flood runoff) - I remember standing outside in a storm in my old neighborhood after moving into the city, marveling at the simple fact of being rained on by warm water, which for an Alaskan was a weird feeling (mainly not having to worry about hypothermia). Not to mention the bonus effect it had on my neighbors who were tipped off to keep a wary eye on the new character on the block.

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