Friday, September 16, 2011

Pump It Up

One of the many factors that motivated me to migrate to outside of the city was the incessant undercurrent of thumping bass from slowly trolling cars at all hours of the night, to say nothing of screeching tires, sirens, yelling, occasional gunfire etc. Coming from a cabin tucked off in the woods of Interior Alaska where I couldn't see or hear any neighbors to where a public sidewalk was a few feet from the front door was subtly unsettling. I often wondered what the reception would be if I ever outfitted my pickup with subwoofers and showcased some awesome accordion out of my zydeco collection...


  1. Subtle.

    I feel your noise pain. Our new place is off a major road. Even for Maine, the noise gets to us a bit.

  2. And sometimes not-so: seems everybody down hear is going way too fast (like today on the Interstate it's usually 20mph + OVER the speed limit (= 90mph) - must be something to the NASCAR culture - and everything's just way too damn LOUD!