Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"The White Moose"

Yet another opportunity to make fun my own culture: recently there have been reports of sighting an albino moose up in Alaska. All the trappings are here: latte, Subaru, organic food... right down to the program on the radio station. Which, being in my opinion is one of the more annoying shows on the air, and one of my pet peeves while out on our weekend excursions, often making me want to drive straight into a tree (one reason why I never get to drive on Saturdays). I miss the local public radio DJ's from my old home-town and their soothing voices and eclectic tastes in tunage.
Now on the other hand, Stuart McLean's "Vinyl Cafe" is sublimely funny, and usually gets me laughing aloud, plus the bonus folk music is always well-worth tuning into.

On a more serious note, via Daily KOS is a Change.Org petition for Subaru to stop selling cars to countries where women (who they aggressively market their cars to while simultaneously promoting a wholesome corporate citizenship image) are not allowed to drive.

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