Friday, August 19, 2011


Nevermind "Jaws"... I think about "Claws" ... as even the thought of a giant lobster is enough to keep my toes off the bottom. Even while there are forty different regulated species off the Atlantic coast, shark attacks in Maine are even rarer than usual. Just like grizzly bears up in Alaska, the reactionary hype far outweighs the relative, statistical preponderance of much more real dangers, like drunk drivers. And with other endangered species, sharks are misunderstood and feared, and face extinction due to ignorance, overfishing and ignorant, cultural superstition. These are beautiful creatures that deserve wider appreciation and protection.


  1. Love it -- and thanks for linking to one of my articles!

  2. Sharks should also get to eat more people. Unfortunately the ones I want them to eat don't spend enough time in the proper waters.