Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Who Watches the Watchers?"

This place is definitely for the birds! In the space of one week here in Acadia I got to observe a Peregrine Falcon hunting along the cliff-side nesting area (an excellent example of a successful reintroduction of this magnificent species). An accompanying background soundtrack during this sunset display of aerial acrobatics was provided by the lilting warble of a thrush. This scene was then followed by watching the stark, graphic beauty (bold black + white plumage and red feet) of Black Guillemots swimming underwater while trolling for food, while I was perched above on the overlooking rocks of Otter Cliffs. Prior to these sightings was boating past a nesting Osprey atop its platform of sticks out in the Sound. Even our backyard feeder is attracting everything from Blue Jays, Goldfinches, Grosbeaks and assorted Warblers: a colorful riot to this Alaskan's eye, and one of the many pleasures highlighting our residency here in the Park.

Another double-dipper as far as overlapping regional clients: works as well in Maine as it does in Alaska.

Posted above is the pen & ink linework here as well: you can see the crash and burn that unwound in slow-motion (self-immolation in ink) as I didn't quite have a plan, despite penciling it out first. Mid-flight course corrections are often made on the fly, which can result in an incoherent mess of lines. Once again, the miracle of digital technology to the rescue.

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