Friday, June 3, 2011

Some More Maine Pics

Uploaded another set of images into the Picasa Web-Albums, this time from a jaunt out to Islesford, Maine (located on Little Cranberry Island) aboard the morning mail-boat ferry.

One critical symptom you are officially a tourist is not caring how ridiculous you look intently taking picture of piles of ropes out on a dock, while annoyed bemused fishermen look on.

I keep returning to this picture, as it's one of the more poignant images in this set. Culled from dozens of different shots, the composition and color is perfect - definitely slated to be the front cover of something.


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Thanks John... every once in a while there's nothing to make a dumb joke about... put the Sharpie down and just appreciate on its own.