Wednesday, May 11, 2011


New editorial appearing in the latest issue of the Ester Republic. The Governor of Alaska continues to flaunt his true colors, that of an ex oil industry lobbyist, while trying to pay back his owners and wash off any lingering stains. At least he doesn't wear his Corrupt Bastard hat out in public, though I wouldn't rule out monogrammed undies. 
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Proving that Alaska's obsessive attention is effectively being wasted upon the antics of The Quitter (case in point being the liberal equivalent to the Birther Conspiracy), designated heir to the throne Gov. Sean Parnell is in the meantime actively causing more damage during his reign than Palin ever would have hoped for. 
Alaska leads the nation in STD's and yet Parnell just turned down $600k in federal grant money to fund a state-wide education program: "Making Proud Choices!" is an "evidence-based" curriculum (as opposed to profit-based abstinence) that hinges on using condoms.
If there were only one big enough to wrap this rascal.


  1. Good job Jamie!
    Am beginning to think we need to start a campaign to rid ourselves of the ill-considered relief that Governor Parnell is ok because he doesn't create the drama whatzername made out of everything.
    That relief long since turned to multiple WTF? moments for me as he quietly , stealthily undoes and undermines far too many important issues.
    Calling him Captain Zero has to stop.
    I'm calling him Captain Torpedo these days.
    Any better and/or more descriptive names you can think of?

    My current

  2. Thanks - and I obviously agree with him being a stealth politician that is being ignored as "being better than the alternative" - which is in turn an extension of the very same rational behind Palin getting in over Murkowski.
    I'll go with Homunculus, but"Captain" anything is too much, maybe a Second Lieutenant?

  3. oh dear...
    Does that become Torpedo, 2 Loot then ?

    Yup on how we got whatzername... too ready, after Murkowski, to buy the horsepunky of clear-and-transparent to look at the spoiled goods in the SP package itself.