Friday, May 13, 2011

The Bold Coast

Uploaded another set of snapshots from last weekend's hike to the Picasa web-album: the Cutler Coast Reserve, otherwise known as "The Bold Coast." About a two-hour drive northward up Coastal Route 1 through some small villages to reach the Preserve. Being far enough off the beaten path there wasn't a single other soul out there, apart from seeing footprints for the entire day it was deserted. Perfect weather and cool breeze, plus we saw our first official pile of Maine moose nuggets, causing these Alaskans to get all homesick.
Visible in each of these two posted pics - the farthest visible points sticking out into the water - are the respective ending and starting points of our little trek. The trail overlooked the Bay of Fundy (if I ever open up a studio in this neck of the woods I'm gonna call it the "Bay of Fun") and just barely visible along the opposite shore was the coast of Nova Scotia. After meandering for 1.4 miles along the shoreline cliffs we took the Black Point Brook cutoff and rejoining the Inland Trail for a total 5.8 mile loop. We''ll return hopefully this fall to take advantage of the several campsites and take the longer loop.

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