Sunday, April 10, 2011

"The Jig is Up"

Time is almost up... despite the random winter binge & purge behavior the patches of dead, brown dirt are steadily growing both up in Alaska and Down East. Moreso here than there, what with some mighty winds kicking it hard across the hinterland. 
And no, that's not an outhouse.


  1. You need to put out regular books of your blog (like the old Doonesbury collections or other such compendia of insightful ephemera) or I need to leave a laptop permanently in the bathroom. I keep falling way behind on your posts when I get distracted with my own haphazard activities.

  2. Hm, that's an idea - thanks - looking back on my old art is bad enough, I don't think I could stand to re-read anything I've written. At least without an editor!
    There'll undoubtedly be another book in a coupla years anyways, and believe it or not there's a backlog of material piling up on my end of Maine-themed work that's in limbo until first published over here.
    In the meantime I'm waitlisted for a table at the Maine Comics Festival in May, which I'll attend either way and blog about, but am putting together a minicomic for of recent stuff, and you gave me an idea to incorporate some writing...

  3. I'll edit for you but you gotta fuckin' pay me.