Friday, April 29, 2011

Down East Pix II

Instead of posting 'em all here, I just uploaded a set of photographs to the Picasa portfolios from around the island. Mainly Maine and miscellaneous Acadia stuff culled from random hikes. Nothing really funny, just snapshots - still waiting to unveil the recent cartoon work, but in the meantime here's some pretty pictures. 
Been taking advantage of the lull before the summer season kicks into gear and the accompanying influx of herds of people. Hence the drop-off in blogging and spending more time out-of-doors. So far the trails have been relatively deserted, and it's good exercise since even a couple miles of hoofing about will involve lots of elevation gain. No ticks yet either. 

I for one have been in absolute heaven here, as the total immersion into this alien environment provides constant stimulation that at times is sensory overload. A recent example would be yesterday's trek that took us through a cedar grove infusion. I never get tired of the simple sound of waves, the smells of the saltwater shore, and feeling the wind up on top of some of the summits that are scattered across Mount Desert island. 
Probably only a matter of time before succumbing to the inevitable anesthetization that happened after twenty-five years in Alaska ("yeah, yeah, another moose/bear/mountain" etc.) but for now I'm both entranced and taking hundreds & hundreds of digital images of rocks, more rocks, trees, more trees, and the ocean, over and over again.

(Disturbing advise to try and follow while living on an island)

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