Monday, April 4, 2011

"AK Aesop"

Add the arctic hare to the list of critters whose range doesn't quite extend far enough down south as this neck of the woods, but I did learn that I'm in the same neighborhood as the New England cottontail, which is an endangered species. Actually the sole reason I did this panel was because of the constant requests to "do more bunnies" from someone. Fortunately the inner editor caught a tortise typo before it got posted and emailed off to the papers. Don't think I've ever done a more laid-back lookin' rabbit than this fellah.


  1. Hey Jamie,
    We miss you terribly and keep you in our thoughts every time we see your work.
    I don't know if you are interested in the following factoid but I thought I would share anyway in hopes of sparking your creative junk.

    Did you know that out of all the dictators in history (214 plus) Don Young (37 years) has been in power longer than all of them except for eight.
    Chiang kai-Shek 48 years
    Fidel Castro 47 years
    Kim Il-sung 46 years
    Omar Bongo 42 years
    Enver Hoxha 41 years
    Antonio de Oliveria Salazar 40 years
    Francisco Franco 39 years
    Gnassinge Eyadema 38 years
    Take care,
    The Rogers Family

  2. Miss all you folks as well!
    There'll be more Don Young material ahead (probably for many years...): somehow doubt that particular gold mine will ever get played out!