Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feral Beaver

One of the sketches done while on the road at the Hurstville Interpretive Center in Iowa. Deleting the log victim that was originally in the foreground makes for a much more intense image... the last thing a juicy piece of wood sees before getting ground to a pulp. Another amusing moment came while using the men's room, and seeing a flier taped up at eye-level above the urinal that contained a goofy quiz for kids on bird species (answer in link):

"What kind of a bird murdered Bambi?"

And file this under "Best Beaver Headline of the Year":

"Royal Zoological Society of Scotland 
denies 'concealing' beavers"

I found it infinitely amusing to discover the official newspaper for Acadia National Park is called... (wait for it...) "The Beaver Log." If that wasn't enough, in the Park's Visitor Center I checked out a copy of  “Beavers – A Wildlife Handbook” (Kim Long, 2000 Johnson Nature Series) which was a stellar source of new castor canadensis-related quotes.

I am the quick-eared beaver
That gnaws the trees of the forest,
‘Tis I who overthrow them”
- Beaver Song, traditional Pima

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