Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mushing Magazine: "Iditatoons"

1991: In the meantime, any Freeze-Frame cartoon panel that had anything at all to do with dog mushing would be rechristened as an "Iditatoon" and subsequently republished in Mushing Magazine. The cartoon ran from 1996 - 2005, and technically qualified me as being international, since it was shipped all over the world to any country that had "dog powered sports" as a pastime.


  1. Although I rarely comment on blogs, I have been following your back story, and your level of devotion and commitment to your artistic endeavors over the years is impressive and inspiring.
    I have a small collection of your comics that others have cut out of the paper and sent to me over the years during my absences from AK.

  2. Thanks Sue: maybe now someone will clip 'em out and send them to me in Maine...
    No wait...