Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Karl's Burrito Wagon

For many years this place was a local institution in Fairbanks: Karl's humble little stand occupied a spot right across the street from the Gavora Mall on 3rd Street. He only offered three items on the menu: burritos, hot-dogs and lemonade, which should be an example to business models everywhere about simplifying and doing things right, especially if you only do a few. A couple co-workers of mine at the time at Clink's bought the business and enlisted me to hand-paint the sandwich boards and design a new logo.
While it wouldn't be prudent to actually state here what exactly I earned for this particular gig, part of the deal was free food. And seeing as how I hated burritos, that limited my options somewhat. Let's just say my first summer in Alaska was spent consumed with the munchies and subsisting pretty much off of foot-long hot dogs and lemonade.

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