Monday, January 10, 2011

Down East Staredown

Still goofing around with the color washes: freehanding the initial line drawing with a dip-pen nib on watercolor paper without using any rulers was a challenge (bonus that it was 6am, without any coffee yet). 
There's a few other recent pieces done in a similar style I'll post here soon as they see publication in the paper. But this is the only one that can't possibly be customized or otherwise spun to meet two markets. In other words, I played with making the deer into moose, but just adding antlers doesn't quite cut it especially contrasting the respective behavioral issues of the two species. Meaning, moose just don't stand around staring at you (they, well, pretty much just stand around) unlike the omnipresent deer do down here. Much less in trios like they did just the other afternoon when I looked out our living room bay window. Creepin' me out, especially considering the baggage of darling little ticks each one is packing.
And also the big ol' Thundering Butterball (aka Pippen) couldn't possibly care any less who or what's outside, seeing as how he's discovered the joy of baseboard heating and consequently refuses to budge except for anything other than food and/or the litterbox.

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