Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Okay, whoopie: blogging about the damn weather... when even little things like the pop-up window on the computer telling me "Please wait: scanner is warming up" is almost funny in a quiet, despairing kind of way. And the irony is still warm after canceling my class only a few weeks back because it was around eighty degrees warmer. The only thing stupider now than saying "cold enough for ya?" is cracking dumb jokes about missing the recent rain Icepocalypse. 

Have I mentioned yet how much I'm gonna miss my outhouse? Remind me later. 

Actually looking forward to an elderly Godzilla versus Mothra scenario when this poseur Alaskan sourdough gets to bitch & moan to some crusty old-timer in Maine about what a "real" winter is like. Yeah, grrrr... at least up until the first coastal gale cuts right through my Carhartts and I whine like a puppy tied up out in the yard. *Note: I just Googled how to spell "Carhartt" before realizing I'm wearing not only a Carhartt jacket but also a Carhartt winter cap (yes, while sitting at the computer with my slippers Sorels on too).

One of the more crucial details in moving (along with realizing I had no can opener while making dinner last night) is packing away the faithful outside thermometer. Even if ignorance is bliss, there's still the on-line equivalent of weather-geek porn which tells me it's time to take a short drive up to the top of neighboring Ester Dome: the temperature difference in elevation (approx. 1,800 feet) due to inversion is over thirty degrees. This really is a nice little break, believe it or not, even if the local residents don't get my pathetic and weird refugee camp thing. Remember folks, it's all just a matter of perspective...


  1. heh--the lemons/lemonade cold weather/snow cones bit reminds me that we're the top ice cream consumers...what a strange people we Alaskans are.

  2. "We're #1! We're #1!!!"
    >jiggle jiggle<
    It's a coping mechanism, and judging by my girth I'm doing GREAT.

    Mmmm... more Hot Licks Alaska Blueberry please... (I don't know how you can work next door!)