Friday, December 10, 2010

"How To Feel Miserable" & "Ripped Off"

Oh boy, more rules... 
While packing up (and thumbing through) some old sketchbooks, I came across this advice taped up inside the cover of one. It's from artist Keri Smith, creator of some great books - and an excellent blog - on art and creativity. Well worth re-reading and reposting. If I wasn't moving I'd tack up a copy in the outhouse.
 And as a perfect accompaniment, artist Gwenn Seemel offers some simple and spot-on advice about "How I make sure my art doesn’t get ripped off on the Internet."

1) Be original.
2) Sell only live art.*
3) Pursue credit in innovative ways.
4) Embrace the copying of style.
5) Don’t assume that anyone is copying style.
6) Be clear about what you want from the world and from the Internet.


*This second point was particularly refreshing to read after recently affirming my own personal goal to those very same ends. And as another semester is wrapped up, many of these same topics are at the forefront of many an art student's (and the odd instructor's) mind as they face a life untethered from the department.

"It's an old story,
better told than I tell,
how artists shape
what hurts like hell"
- Diane Ackerman (Omens of Winter, 2008)

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