Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Politics: Cat Wisdom

And now we return to our regularly scheduled posting of non-election nonsense. Just kidding, I stayed up all night reloading the incoming numbers with a White Russian in one hand and a dull Sharpie in the other, so there's already a bumper crop of new ideas at the expense of whoever eventually wins. There was some surprising and encouraging results in this neck of the woods, so kinda like the dying sun around this time of season, there's a ray of hope and cold comfort in that.  

The Ballad of Soapy Joe

There once was a man, some guy named Joe
whose ethics were lower than lower than low.
“I am the cleverest ever, I’ll soon be elected --
I’ve picked out my drapes and a house I’ve selected!

I won’t answer questions, that’s what I’ll do --
if reporters keep asking, I’ll handcuff a few.
I’ll hide all my hacking and cheating on taxes --
erase all my emails and burn all my faxes!”

Sadly for Joe, it was not to be so,
his scheme was detected; he was not elected.
“No problem”, he smirked as he fled our great state --
“my new show with FOX is on Tuesdays at 8” 
(hat-tip IAMALL4AK via DJ)

 After the disheartening and continuing drama I needed a hug, but seeing as how it's just the cats & me at the cabin we settled for some snuggles and a power-sulk before breaking out the catnip and getting on with it.
As one of my editors succinctly stated:

"Wackery is gushing forth from a veritable cornucopia of nuttiness" 



  1. The one thing we can't think about as cartoonists who care is that not enough people seem to get what seems like such a plethora of obvious jokes in office and running for it.

    Keep the Sharpies blazing.