Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"True Tales from the Troubled Economy"

An appropriate panel that ran this weekend, what with the recent flurries and blanket of snow that looks like it'll stick around for a while. Spin on the local definition of "sourdough" - sour on Alaska and not enough dough to move...
And what better way to commemorate a reunion with visiting long-lost family than making fun of 'em? I just so happened to have this original cued up as a class demo for wash, just had to do a couple minor revisions on the print version, digital whiteout to the rescue. Originally inspired by the sight of some congenial Q-Tips just sitting around by their RV, just hangin' out waving at folks who drove by. It's an interesting observation in this state of cyclical transients that (most) people can be downright neighborly, wherever their "home" is for the weekend. 

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