Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Tales From An Outlying Area"

Trying something here: posting all twenty-four of my pages from last weekend's challenge. A couple might load or display a bit wonky on some browsers, but it should suffice enough to see. As a side-note, I'm having some technical issues with the Blogger platform as of late: the asinine updated image-loading process now renders my antiquated equipment even more obsolete, especially considering the 24k dialup at the cabin. Fortunately the computer still operates faster than my brain on most days. But so much for the supposed diversity of voices on the internet: topics such as "Net Neutrality" become a moot point unless one happens to have the very latest in resources, time and money, which leaves behind probably a majority of the planet. There are many websites these days that I simply cannot even view anymore, not having the patience to wait for the pages and images to load, especially if they are saturated with irrelevant eye-candy and animated graphics.

In retrospect, I'm always just a wee bit disappointed in the overall quality of work done for these sorts of sporadic orgies in ink, even though under the circumstances it's certainly not the chief concern while slogging away under deadline. Sometimes after putting up an entire show and/or generating the output for tons of new material one is left with a weird post-event-letdown-syndrome of "what, after all that I wind up with this?" Must be how some of my former relationships felt. And yet after all the (eraser) dust has settled, it's balanced with a sense of satisfaction in achieving a demonstrable set of work and proves to oneself how much is possible if you just set aside a block of time and simply have at it. Sometimes this scorched-earth approach is a way to knock out projects that are gathering dust in the mental archives. One thing is for sure, this is definitely the longest and hardest I've ever in my whole damned life flogged a single bad gag. Basically I wanted to see if I could do it, and it sure was fun at the time. Which is a noble philosophy.

Join me below the fold for the rest of the pages...

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