Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miller Time: Miffed & Muffled

Last week I actually overheard a table of older women at a coffeeshop equating his refusal to answer questions with trying to get a job and not answering anything at the interview about your former employment history. 
By now it's all over the tubes how Miller's goons handcuffed and detained the editor of the on-line rag The Alaska Dispatch at a town-hall meeting. This is what pandering to the militia gets you: nice rearguard action from rent-a-mercenaries - or maybe he's just jealous of Lease-A Murkowski's Secret Service detail. 
Given his authoritarian penchant for customizing the Constitution, one supposes it'll a matter of time before cartoonists start having their fingers broken, and soon the woods around my cabin will be crawling with Tea Party ninjas (warning: beware of the cats). And as per his usual trademark spin with every speed-bump on the path to power he blames someone else, and the pathetic damage control for this newest fiasco is to flat-out lie about the person and the event.

"To them, the blogger appeared irrational, angry and potentially violent"

Overshadowed in the shuffle at the same event is his final solution to immigration: "If East Germany could, we could."

Wow. Just... wow.


  1. Didn't Hitler have some uniform-loving hardasses to back up his political theorizations?

  2. Nah, that'll never happen here.
    Folks in Alaska value their Freedom too much.
    Operative word of course being "THEIR" Freedoms.

    Other AK blogs have been covering in detail some of the darker implications behind batshit crazy militia leaders using unlicensed security details comprised of unlawfully moonlighting members of the military illegally detaining journalists at public events, and then Miller etc. lying their asses off about it afterwards.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's ASUAF debate - intrepid blogger will have sketchbook in hand.

    More funny pictures coming up soon...

  3. So the editor, not "blogger," appeared to Miller's security people to be "irrational, angry and potentially violent." I suggest then that Miller hire real professional security and not folks with matchbook-cover security credentials who perceive all "liberals" as irrational, angry, and potentially violent.

    It's interesting, and a bit fun, to watch the Miller campaign try out the different rationalizations to justify their actions. Let's remember they busted the guy for trespass, not following Miller into the bathroom, not for being "deranged", not for "assaulting" Miller's security force. In the end, Miller's claim was that the editor "crossed the line" leading us to wonder what "line" the editor supposedly crossed. Oh, and yes, it is important to note that "crossing a line" is not a criminal offense.

  4. According to Hopfinger he didn't follow Miller into the bathroom either - their paths just happened to cross and he decided that it'd be a completely inappropriate location to press any issues.
    Irrational, Angry and Potentially Violent sounds like either a great name for a punk band or what I see in the eyes of my cats at *least* once a day.