Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anchorage Press: Haiku Spot Illustrations

My weekly Nuggets feature has been running in the Anchorage Press, the alternative rag for Anchorage (and "Alaska's Syllabic Newspaper") for almost two years now, and they recently asked if I'd be up for doing a series of illustrations for their October 7-13 (Vol. 19/Ed. 40) special issue featuring the results of the popular haiku contest. I got a sneak peek at all the winners and runner-up entries, with free range as far as picking particular topics. Posted here by permission are a handful of the contest winners in some categories, accompanied by their respective cartoons: a couple thumbnailed roughs initially submitted for approval, along with some final spots (only one of which didn't make the final cut).

"Rover's Run" First Place:

Rover, you go first.

I’ll be there, with bells on, boy

if you make it through

—John McKay

"Salmon Vodka" First Place:

Party at the docks

Salmon vodka hangover

I smell like Ship Creek

—Fauna Reynvaan

"Bingo" First Place:

It was not his name

Still, he was a paragon –

Dog: quintessential.

—Jessica Bowman 

"Wally Hickel" First Place:

Thirty-seven cents

An audacious attitude

Spirit of the North

—Ellen Maling

"Tea Party" Honorable Mention:

What did you expect?

Mad Hatters in voting booths

Try again, Lisa

—Meg Hayesl

"Lego Man" First Place:

He’s focused outward,

But I’d rather look inside

All those steel boxes.

—Jennifer Wooley

"Expect Delays" First Place:

Time to chill, darlin’.

Your car’s not a time machine.

Shoulda thought of that.

—John McKay

What's really fun has been "shooting from the hip" on a lot of these recent gigs - quick & dirty at the drop of a hat, bang, next. No wonder it rolls over so well into the classroom, since I think shuffling rapid-response art assignments leavened with the bigger critiques that take more time and attention is an overall excellent approach to keeping the creative muscles toned and ready for anything. Then the trick is maintaining momentum amidst the speed-bumps that life will throw up in the way, and also staying in artistic shape during those times when nothing's on the docket for the day. Then it's time to grab the shovel and go turn over the mulch-pile, see what's been fermenting on the back-burners. 

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