Sunday, October 10, 2010

24 Hour Comics: Brianna Reagan & Lucas Elliott

Here's a handful of selected sample pages from two local rock-stars in the Fairbanks who both participated in the 2010 24 Hour Comics event.

The first is from a favorite former student Brianna Reagan who attended the gig for the very first time, and just as she used to do in the art department, promptly set the bar for everybody else. "Beauty In The Deep" is from a poem written by her brother Daylen, and her tabloid format featured several diptych layouts alternated with simple, isolated phrases. Fluid linework is wrapped in a sea of inky wash to create an atmospheric underwater world inhabited by a variety of creatures, mysterious, frightening and amusing. Great to also see her work beginning to appear at many locations around town, both inside and also outside

And here's another teaser from perennial powerhouse Lucas Elliott, who also drew the best 24 Hour Comics Day poster ever for this event. "Robo Snowday" is a whimsical romp using  crisp, gestural marks and spot-blacks that evoke my favorite film of all time by Brad Bird

This is one of those comparatively rare instances where there is perfect harmony between the execution and telling of a story: it reads easy, fast and clear. Just using contour shapes there is an implied mass to the robot as it lumbers throughout the simple, graphic and clean compositions on each panel and page.

Both of these badass works really need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated - and so another reminder that these and pieces by ten other creators are all up on display in the UAF Wood Center until Friday, October 22nd. That and check out the links to Brianna's and Lucas' respective websites (here and here)

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  1. Impressive work. Thanks for the blog and a glimpse into the creative process of cartooning and teaching. Imagine hanging around with so many cartoonists and artists ala the 24 hour event!