Monday, September 20, 2010

"Princess Ishmael"

 So for the third time since 2001, and the second time for this particular ship, a dead humpback was found nailed on the prow of the luxury ship Sapphire Princess. I mean, just how goddamned stupid does one have to be to hit a freakin' whale, and not even notice it? At least this one wasn't pregnant, but the PR department still is blubbering away, claiming it was already dead. Okay...
No really, it was broke like that when I got it.

Print version appearing in the new issue of the Ester Republic (reserve your copy today) The above doodle was scanned from a couple roughs done in my sketchbook: the print version scaled back on the gore but the, uh, point remains. I drew it after a coincidentally-timed whale-watching boat trip my girlfriend took me on while in Bar Harbor, Maine. Seeing one of these incredible creatures breach, blow and roll all around us left an indelible impression - not just about their beauty and majesty, but about just how fucking stupid "humanity" is in wiping out species that are arguably more evolved than many of the cretins who murder them, and comparatively more culturally advanced than the sovereign idiots claiming their nationalistic privilage to kill them off. There is some hope however: through the the efforts of many advocacy and activist organizations ceaselessly publicizing the plight of the whales and the mindless, greedy slaughter, people cannot claim ignorance anymore.

“Too big to fly, dodo ugly so dodo must die
Doggo with fear on its side can't change, can't change the tide
Dog baiter, agitator, asking questions say he wants to know why
Ain't no reason that money can't buy
Mink, he pretty so mink he must die, must die” – Genesis “Dodo”

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