Monday, September 27, 2010


 The fun never stops with religion, and as a follow-up to a previous post about the continuing drama over meddlesome cartoonists poking their pens into hornet nests, word comes that one of the recalcitrant instigators of May's "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" has gone underground, and I don't mean her comics.
On the one hand, within cartooning circles it's been getting some coverage, but on the other, it seems like this monumental occurrence has completely slipped under the radar of mainstream attention. Then again, when the art history books are revised, it'll still probably ignore the impact of the original series of events in this affair with both the Danish first, and then the Swedish cartoon controversies. It's absolutely insane that an American artist has effectively gone into hiding: changed their name, moved, stopped doing their artwork and succumbed to the intimidation of extremists. The terrorists won this round - so much for that whole "freedom of expression" thing. The artist formerly known as Molly Norris deserves all our unequivocal support.

One of the best comments ever about this whole gig:

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