Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ester Library Lecture (bumped)

Put together what I think will be one of the best little presentations I’ve ever gotten a chance to do: Thursday/tomorrow nite I’m the featured monthly speaker at the John Trigg Ester Library. They sponsor a monthly series of lectures that "focuses on writers, artists, adventurers, scholars, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, musicians, and colorful characters' - admission is free though donations are appreciated towards funding the new building. Special thanks go out to my editor, Deirdre Helfferich for lining this up!

Located in downtown Ester, Hartung Hall is on the corner of Ester Loop, Wellhouse Road and Main Street (parking and  friendly directions available at the conveniently nearby Golden Eagle Saloon) - gig starts at 7pm.

Racked up an impressive 180-odd (and I do mean odd) sequence of images culled from the archives: haven’t attempted to go in the opposite direction of most of my show & tells by doing a general overview (as opposed to the inexorable evolution to longer and longer lectures on specific areas). Last time I tried this approach I was using old-fashioned slides, so I’m actually now kinda excited about this particular gig. While I usually try and vary the lineup for every new audience and tailor the topics accordingly, this is an eclectic rock-skipping sampler across pretty much my artistic life.

Includes: community advocacy (esp. now that on the PSA I'm labeled a "literacy activist" plus the arts and, oh yeah, comics); freelance (tshirts, posters and miscellaneous design); fine art and field sketches; comics (a brief intro to sequential art and some samples of personal favorites and influences); the Nuggets feature (including brief notes on creative process, materials & techniques); some choice edits (occasional bad language, sexual innuendo and casual drug usage will give this an "R" rating); the earlier classic Freeze-Frame incarnation; some really early Alaskan underground stuff; rare high-school and college strips from New York; SCAD graduate school work from Georgia; and lastly some opinionated editorials.

A LOT of previously unseen material, and definitely never before collected all together. Come on out, it'd be great to see ya, or wait for the follow-up post here.


  1. Her Editorship is offering certain Jamie items for sale; 40% to go to the library. These include: the books Beaver Fever, Stuck in a Rut, It's Gonna Be a Long Winter, and Nuggets; the exhibit catalog from the art show Cartoon North; and the Ester Republic genuiine hemp tote bag with the fomenting uppitiness logo.

  2. Spiffy - now I'm *definitely* goin'...
    But seriously, I'll also have a pile o' miscellaneous ephemera: purging from the stash in storage, like free posters etc.

  3. I'm also offering a 30% discount on gift shop sales- that's me Nancy at the Annex Gallery