Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alaskan Nursery Rhymes (Edit)

I suppose some backstory might be needed for non-residents: one of the unique attributes of bunny boots, which are all the fashion rage up here, is relying on the physics of vapor-barrier technology to keep one's feet warm & dry at extreme sub-zero temps. Somewhere along the way I think I mis-remembered or exaggerated the habit of some folks to not even bother wearing socks with bunny boots and having one's bare skin suffice. Which is how this idea got perverted - every once in a while it would be prudent to do a little bit of fact-checking the funnies, especially if it's already grasping at obscurity.
And speaking of perverted... 

...this panel was submitted and used in the Anchorage Press, which occasionally gets my cartoons that would never appear in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. It's a different market demographic being a most decidedly liberal rag that, by way of example, runs Savage Love and boasts the best, most diverse and, ah, widest-ranging personals section in the state, so that the content isn't Anchorage Daily News-material isn't exactly a secret or surprise. It's great to have an outlet for my risqué material that otherwise wouldn't ever see the light of day - but I'll share an email that was forwarded from my editor to me a just few days ago, written by a somewhat disgruntled reader:
I had an opportunity to browse your publication for the first time with the Sept 16-20 edition. it is now in the trash can.
The cartoon on page five - Nuggets - by Uncle Jan??e is as close to child pornography as you can get. Too bad too there were so many ways he could have went with that line.
Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
PS- that was the first thing I actually read in you offering and the last. There was no need to read further!"
Now just for that I'm gona get back to work on my Alaskan Rapunzel drawn in honor of an ex-girlfriend's armpit hair.

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