Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Early Morning Random...

I've had to duck some punches after trying out this one: ranks right up there with leper farts to broach the taboo subject of impending snowfall... man there are some seriously touchy Alaskans in this neck of the woods. I sketched it out this afternoon while at Ivory Jacks, after walking a couple miles to do fulfill the civic duty (my war pony is sick) and rewarding myself with the breakfast of champions.

Now it's almost 4 a.m. and fueled by metal and coffee I'm obsessively refreshing the incoming primary election results page, and feeling the simultaneous implosion of editorial cartoonists' heads across Alaska, if not the entire nation. I'm sharpening my Sharpies in anticipation of one hell of a fall election.

Along similar political lines, it's very important to not have a litterbox located right beside the refrigerator, if not for simple aesthetics than especially in case of any question about the freshness of milk beyond the expiration date, as comparatively speaking smelling everything's fresh and wonderful next to cat shit.

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