Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Crazy Uncle Larry"

Dedicated to my former drawing instructor who used to entertain his classes with his imitation of what a horny moose sounds like. Seriously though, we did learn advanced techniques in how to actually make a decent moose-call utilizing a plastic gallon jug and piece of rope. Which is an important skill to impart to any advanced art major, as they will undoubtedly need to rely on subsistence to survive lean Alaskan winters. And it goes out to anybody who's ever had to endure those family gatherings where there's always an annoying, jovial relative. 
This is the weekend when Murphy Dome Road has a steady procession of folks all bound for "roughing it" in the field, most by towing all their toys (RV's, ATV's and boats) behind some seriously herculean pickups. When I was headed to the great outdoors (cue curmudgeon), I did it to leave it all behind - seems to be most people nowadays try and bring as much of their shit as possible with them instead.

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