Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deadliest Catch: Demo Panel

True story: more often than not I make fun of things I know absolutely nothing about. I think that's called profession objectivity, or put another way, flinging poo from the sidelines. I haven't watched TV for many many years, yet the popular shows still infringe upon awareness, and virtually every Alaskan is treated to the same line of questioning from Outsiders who base their entire mythology of the state on really stupid and annoying programs.
Another true story: like many people, I will often flail around the edges of consciousness right before slipping into sleep, desperately trying get up and write that absolutely incredible idea down before I forget it. The truest torture is waking up and just knowing that it was the funniest gag since sliced bread, but gone forever now. 
Actually, torture would be remembering it, drawing it, and realizing it wasn't all that funny anyways.

Another from the latest round of demos for this summer's Cartoon & Comic Art studio class at UAF. I work the panels up from doodles in my sketchbook, showing how I pencil out the basic shapes while composing the layout. Then it's refining and gradually adding details before picking up the pens and inky goodness. Also as a bonus feature, the next day after scanning the line art in at home I'll use the same demo panels for two takes on shading - one using graphite (HB, 4B and 4H leads) + blending stump, and also using a graphite wash pencil (posted below). Both have their particular aesthetic attributes and each results in a nice original for sale. Investing the time to hand-craft a range of values and textures changes the piece, well, into more of a piece of art, as opposed to the digital version that appears in print.  "Value Added."

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