Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Beaver Trapping" (Guest Panel)

Recently had a serendipitous visit to Gulliver's, our local independent bookstore, where there was a display of art up, and needless to say, one panel in particular, eh, "caught" my eye. Made my whole day actually, besides leaving some patrons a little worried about the sanity of the laughing weirdo.
It's by Caroline Brose, and was one of the featuring works by students from The Watershed Charter School. They're a newer charter school that uses an "innovative educational program" including a 2-year "looping model" to facilitate a better student/teacher connection (and ratio). As it happens, one of the teachers, Jarrod Decker, had a student teacher who was one of the prospective educators that interviewed me via the "Local Artist Project Assignment" - part of the certification program at UAF, and she in turn taught a lesson in cartooning to the 4th grade class. So it's always extra-spiffy to see such things come full circle and reach fruition in the community.
Guess now I need to keep looking over my shoulder, and better watch out for my job at the newspaper,
as soon there'll be some great new competition in this neck of the woods. 
Or at least sneaky traps baited just for cartoonists...


  1. Thanks, Jamie. It's great to see Caroline's art on the web.

  2. My pleasure - the guy's expression still cracks me up!

  3. Love this!