Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseless Liberal Lies!

The cartoon smear-machine is fired up - cowardly libruls resorting to slanderous attacks again... 

Fortunately nobody 'll ever recognize me now that it's molting season: even if they read the fine print in this panel, there's the fact that I only wear cowboy hats and hang out at Barnes Ignoble and Brueggers. Yeah, right.
Reposted from the commie-lovin' fascists over at Leave No Monkey Behind, and also appearing in the new issue of the terrorist bunny-hugger socialist Ester Republic (always keep a fresh copy in the outhouse).
*Update: for inquiring minds that can't get enough of their monthly monkey you can now follow Darrow on Twitter.

"To fight against the infidels is Jihad; but to fight against your evil self is greater Jihad." - Abu Bakr

Abu Hassan: You want to make fool from me?
Popeye: Aah, nature beat me to it. 

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