Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Desktop: Alien ("Salad")

This image by Till Nowack, a digital artist and designer based in Hamburg, Germany, hit the internet a couple years ago via Laughing Squid (see interview also at link) and reposted at numerous other sites. The artist  
".. modeled twelve digital vegetable in 3ds Max using classical polygon modeling techniques. Photographs of fresh vegetables were used for the texturing process. Most of the vegetables started with a cylinder primitive and needed around 30 minutes of work."
Reposting this image since it's been the one greeting me for years every time I sit down at the computer - a reminder of what a powerful tool inspiration can be. A shrine that's probably a more vaunted, sacred place of honorary display than both the refrigerator and the outhouse.

So it's been an entire week since posting anything: spring break is over and its back to the grind. Actually, seeing as how I've spent all week resurfacing and sanding down endless logs on the g-friend's cabin, the reverse is true: back to the drawing board means a bit of a break.

"Some people would say my paintings show a future world and maybe they do, 
but I paint from reality." - Hans Ruedi Giger

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