Friday, January 22, 2010

Sub-Zero Gallows Humor

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin 

Second take at the trial run using the new Blogger post editing & formatting template here: already had the pleasure of inadvertently wiping this entire post out while away from the home computer, and with no backup at hand was left becalmed and bereft until I could get around to re-uploading everything again.

One of the neater tricks to play with now is a "fold" function that tucks stuff under and away from view: so I can "hide" material that might be inappropriate, unless your sense of humor is immature enough ... perfect for the less tasteful content and edits... (that's your warning, join me after the "jump")...


Technically impossible, as the liquid needs to be much hotter than body temperature in order to successfully vaporize. Since it isn't educational I figure it'll get edited, so I probably won't bother submitting it unless I feel like disturbing my editor (more than usual).

Yeah, don't think this panel will run anywhere anytime soon either: one of the more subtle symptoms of S.A.D. is deep, profound annoyance at all the folks who are absolutely enthused at the idea of winter. Me, I have other ways to cope with slowly going insane in a small cabin. Namely, a very grim sense of humor - it's been an interesting observation that this particular sketch has probably gotten way more laughs than anything else I've drawn so far this season. Weird - there might just be something to the theory of humor  serving as a defense mechanism. Of course, it also points up the fact I haven't shown it to anyone who'd be offended by it, and conversely, just how fucked-up in the head some of my closest confidants really are. Proud to call 'em friends.

On a serious note though, this is quite often the absolute worst time of the year: Alaska consistently ranks #1 for suicides, twice the national average or higher - and last year was the worst ever on record. Given our penchant for leading the nation in alcoholism, domestic violence etc. and further aggravated by the really hard economic situation and environmental elements in place now, everyone needs to be on the lookout for signs of suicidal depression : there are many resources around to help.

So think happy thoughts... and remember to "Share the Trail!"

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