Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laura Hewitt: Advanced Drawing Blog

   For those folks who were interested in the past year's posts at Ink & Snow specifically about teaching art, here's a really great, new opportunity: Laura Hewitt, one of the more badass local artists, also a personal favorite, dear friend and constant encourager, is teaching an upper-division studio course this semester.
   Aside from potentially being what looks to be the hands-down coolest art class I've ever seen offered around here (check out the syllabus for more details + information), part of the required work by students will be posting on their group blog: aptly titled Hewittadvanceddrawingclass's Blog. Should be an interesting counterpoint to taking an art class from a student's meta-POV. According to Laura:
"Students will start contributing to the blog on 28 Jan 
and there should be a new blog posted about the class, from student 
perspective, twice a week for the rest of the semester."

   Given the qualities and caliber of many of the individual students enrolled, this'll be something to look forward to, and I encourage curious readers to bookmark and follow it.

* images courtesy I.N.A.E. Enterprises


  1. Yippee! I know I must be doing something Interesting and Useful to get a spot on your blog, Jamie. Thanks!

  2. Jaime is just showing good judgment!

    From the keeper of Truda's hat..


  3. Oh there ya go startin' rumors... (grins)
    And yeah, *your* work's sorta done Laura: now it's up to *them* to do Interesting and Useful work eh?
    Otherwise known as another semester...