Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beaufort Fishbowl

One of an upcoming "Sketchbook" series of panels published in the News-Miner that savvy readers will recognize as being roughly translated as "Jamie ran outta time" and thus resorted to scanning raw doodles directly from his sketchbook and adding rudimentary shading and minimal cleanup. 
One of these days there'll be a convergence of style where either the doodles get better or the finished drawings will degrade in quality to where only one version is done. A couple editors have concurred with the observation that this slight aesthetic shift makes for a nice alternative in that they are a little rougher, more spontaneous in look and feel, versus the other, opposing way of critiquing them which points out in comparison they look sloppy and amateurish. It does call attention to how the formal execution or technical rendering of the image is almost always secondary to the gag, and the drawing should exist and function only so as to serve primarily as a means of visual delivery (re: the unwritten rule of thumb that a good joke will sell a bad drawing). But this by no means undermines the continual evolution of a style that always seeks to improve upon itself. In theory.
Not a damn thing I can do about the sense of humor though.

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