Monday, December 21, 2009

Worst One of the Year (part II)

Yeah, I know the title was previously claimed, but things are goin' downhill fast - hopefully pull out of the nose-dive in time for a fresh start on 2010: make this New Year's resolution to only do really funny cartoons...

I actually got this one while "researching" ideas down at the Borough Library: while camping out for half the day culling material from random magazines and books, I chatted with a couple friends, one whom was training the other in how to use one of those spiffy new iPods. My partner had picked one up just last week (an iPhone actually, whatever, iDon't Know), and now it seems everywhere I look someone's playing around with one (even while driving - yikes!). The original doodle had an additional balloon which I edited out at the last minute in the print version: emphasizing wasn't necessary (only thing worse than belaboring the obvious is flogging the obscure), especially when about 80% of the poor folks I've tested it out on didn't get it until after saying the caption aloud...

"Be obscure clearly." - E. B. White

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