Thursday, December 24, 2009

Old X-mas cards

As a prequil of sorts to tomorrow's post, I went pawing through the compost heap of my archives in search of a suspicion: this year's color card design for the holidays seemed to remind me slightly of something I had already drawn. Dug up these doodles - no idea where the originals are, or if they even exist anymore - given that they would have been done first in Flair pens on regular copy-paper, and shaded with Zip-A-Tone, the shelf-life has long since passed its expiration date and like a lot of the old art, has auto-destructed. The designs would have then been photocopied and colored in with Pantone markers, then secondary copies made for mailing out to friends & family.

The top one is from 1990, the beaver from 1994, and mushing Santa somewhere in-between.

These black & white panels were inserts that went inside the cards:

Nostalgia aside, the concept of Santa passing through the aurora borealis is still an entertaining occupational hazard, and probably worth expanding upon. In the meantime, some folks on certain lists (the naughty one) got the bonus unedited/unrated panels...

"A perpetual holiday is a good working definition of hell." - George Bernard Shaw

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