Saturday, November 14, 2009

EPA: Don't take such big hits, man...

Fact is, we in the Interior basically live in the environmental equivalent of a Hoover dirt-bag. Between the wildfires torching millions of acres and temperature inversion, we're pretty much screwed regardless of the season. Now add in the latest scape-goat, wood-stoves, and meeting Federal air-quality standards will forever be a hopelessly unattainable goal until pretty much every resident moves somewhere else. Which might not necessarily be such a bad thing, and might alleviate the toxic soup of monoxide and smoke that will shortly be settling in for the next few months.

From a recent Fairbanks Daily News-Miner article:
"The federal government officially deemed the community a nonattainment area for PM 2.5, tiny dust particles that pollute the air, according to the Federal Register. That means the borough now has deadlines to meet for coming up with a plan to clean the air; otherwise, the municipality faces federal sanctions, including the loss of federal highway funds."
Like I said, we're screwed.

On the flip side of the issue, here's what at first was an editorial panel, and is now recycled into the weekly Nuggets. Normally I try and avoid preachy politics in the gag cartoon, but this works well enough as a stand-alone stupidity sans any overt editorializing (to subvert on the other hand, is always a bonus). The verbage underwent a few changes also - initially it read "denailist" which typo aside used a term that I'm not sure is really all that well known. Then it said "If you think this is stupid you should see the skeptical side!" which besides being to wordy and still more obscure, just wasn't funny, so the instinct to keep it as simple as possible was the way to go. So now it just doubles as a dumb igloo joke, which in order to maintain my membership in the Arctic Cartoonist Guild in good standing, I'm obligated to do at least one panel per year of (or a blown seal).

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