Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Local Folks"

Sometimes I wonder and I worry about the well running dry. Even on an abstract, global human consciousness level, I figure at some point it's all been said or done by now, the jokes are all used up, and I'm up/out here scraping the bottom of funny barrel.
Like trying to drive on frozen tires at forty-below, the brain thumps along until the edges get rounded off and picks up a little speed, creatively cruising along, and >wham< you hit a moose. Okay, more like you just simply see someone doing something or some silly situation somewhere and the water starts to flow, the well is replenished and the ideas just keep coming. "Where do you get your ideas?" - it's not a question of getting them anywhere or from some thing, it's more like they're given to you everywhere, by everything.
It's not a matter of knowing where to look, but how to look.

"An avalanche begins with a snowflake." - Joseph Compton

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