Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween/Palin Ghoul

A little early this year, but sometimes you just can't keep the living dead down. Timely what with The Quitter's endorsement of Conservative candidate Hoffman and her obsessive resurrection fetish with invoking Reagan. Pretty pleased with the look of feral greed while picking over the bones of another rogue hero...

Also posted here is the original line art version done in Sharpie and vectored before finishing in Photoshop. Remains to be seen if my submission will get a nibble or not, but in the meantime, thought I'd throw it up on the intertubes before getting back to the drawing board. Some freelance gigs and back-burner projects are being unearthed from the mulch-pile in the studio and in my head. But hey, given the choice between what I should be doing versus what obviously needs to be done here...

This panel actually draws from an unpublished one (that's been decaying slowly in the morgue) done earlier this year over her impotent nomination of Alaska Attorney General W.A.R. which was fortunately stymied by public outcry. Went ahead and included honorary tombstones for both the AIP and the GOP, as it seems she's hellbent on graverobbing from both parties.

*Update 9/25: The awesome Alaskan blog Mudflats used the panel with a hilarious, CRAPtastic take on the Rogue Quitter: a perfect example of marrying image + text by using a drawing in an illustrative sense.

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