Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome Home Troops/Goodbye Tourists

Not exactly pandering to local "rah-rah" sentiment with this panel, just poking at the community's disconnect with the fact we are, um, still actively engaged in, y'know, like, war.

While I've long been personally opposed to the mess we made and am an outspoken critic of the mess we're still in (not to mention impatient with the new administration's halfassed, impotent cleanup effort), it's a close second to how pissed-off I can get at the stunning ignorance and lack of empathy average folks have with what's going on in the world - in general, but in this specific instance, the reality of our involvement in the Middle East.
Fairbanks is a military town, and what with the recent return of many troops, the patriotism is on full display in the form of military discounts at local stores and ceremonial flag-waving. Much like one doesn't have to necessarily be pro-war to still support the troops, one also doesn't have to be a veteran to have empathy and some degree of understanding with just what a fucked-up situation these folks deal with on a daily basis.

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